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We are active, social adults who like outdoor events, but couldn’t find quality mixed beverages or spirits in non-breakable, portable light weight containers. Enter PARTY POUCH pre mixed cocktails!


This is a perfectly portable package containing pre-mixed party provisions. Pour your party from our 1 liter, non-breakable PARTY POUCH.  Water sports, Pool Parties, at the Beach, Tailgating, Hot Tub, Concerts, Backyard BBQ. Camping, Hiking, Boating, Skiing, Ice-Fishing and more.


Made of high quality all natural ingredients with no added sugars, they are delicious! Party Pouches weigh less and won’t spill or break. There is less waste and easier to clean up! Best of all our packaging is Eco-Friendly.


Wherever glass isn’t allowed or inconvenient PARTY POUCH pre mixed cocktails are  the PERFECT SOLUTION.


Share your favorite use with us!.

facebook: @mypartypouch

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