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Lemonade, Tea Vodka

Lemonade, Tea Vodka

A refreshing cocktail made with Ultra-Premium Vodka, all natural lemon juice, and a hint of freshly brewed natural tea.


They call me Refreshing. The tangy sourness of lemon juice perfectly balanced all natural brewed tea gives me a crisp, clean taste. And the craft vodka gives me flair. Mint can be added for extra pizzaz.


I’m a delicious cocktail using ultra-premium spirits, Yes, I’m all natural ingredients, no added sugars and gluten free. My eco-friendly container -  a  1 liter barrel pouch  - stands up straight on a firm rim. Light weight, non breakable and won’t spill, I’m so easy to carry. Best of all there is enough of me to share with friends. If there’s any left over, I’ll still be fresh to be enjoyed in the future.

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